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It takes a village. Or a state. You know what we mean. If you’ve got time, we’ve got happenings. Our volunteer base has been mighty! Whether it’s checking people in at events, helping to organize our database at the office, or capturing the fun-filled highlights in video and photos, join this amazing group and help make an amazing experience for all! We’ll add some perks to you along the way!

We are opening up DxRI committees to the general public who want to get involved with us and don’t know where to start. This is a great way to get to know our organization and community, and for us to get to know you better. In many cases joining a committee can be the first step to joining our board of directors.

2023 Committees

1. Design Week RI Committee – This Committee helps plan September’s Design Week RI. Members host events, recruit hosts, and help with general planning and outreach. The time commitment is from February to October and we will meet once a month for an hour. Members will collaborate with other committee members on hosting a DWRI event, help source spaces for events, offer input to make DWRI expansive for attendees and hosts, and engage diverse communities for outreach and collaboration.

2. DESIGNxRI 10th Anniversary Planning Committee – 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of DESIGNxRI! There will be a celebration in September, and this Committee will support the planning. The time commitment is from February to October and will meet once a month for an hour. Members will develop the event’s theme, details, and outreach plan. Contact vendors to work within a budget, assist with sponsorship outreach, create a host committee and share responsibility for outreach and marketing (with DxRI staff). This Committee will also be responsible for setting up and cleaning up on the day of the event.

3. Fund Development Committee – starting in January 2023 this standing committee supports the organization’s development efforts. The time commitment will be one hour once a month. Members may be asked to review development strategies, identify funding/fundraising opportunities, and share fundraising materials with their networks.

4. Strategic Planning Committee – this Committee will help develop the DESIGNxRI 2024-2027 strategic plan. This will be a time-bound committee, starting in January and estimated to end on April 30, likely meeting twice a month.

5. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee– This Committee meets monthly for an hour to steer DxRI’s internal and external programs and communications through an equity lens. The Committee is responsible for expanding DxRI’s community.

Contact Kirtley Fisher for more information.