September 26
12:00-2:00 PM

Central Contemporary Arts,
22 A Street
Providence RI 02907

ADA Accessible: Yes
Fee: Pay what you wish

The Trash Heap of Infinite Possibility

Many artists, designers and creatives believe in the power of open-ended, purely playful creative processes, but we are often far more likely to recommend them to others than do them ourselves; our goal-oriented and deadline driven work (along with the rest of life) often gets in the way.

In this 2 hour workshop, Amy Walsh (Founder of the Bureau of Tactical Imagination) and Andy Goodman (Interim Deputy Director of Central Contemporary Arts) will share their favorite creative prompts from their own practices and with clients and students, and discuss ways to make using them a habit. Then they’ll guide you through a number of easy, generative prompts using both visual means and physical movement.

Come replenish your creative well and get inspired. Leave with new assignments to take into your studio, design practice, company or organization.

Amy Walsh

Amy Walsh is the founder of the Bureau of Tactical Imagination. Through a training program and community called The Visionary Syndicate, she helps small business owners create imaginative, ethical, unique brands that grow their businesses and contribute to culture in a way they can be proud of.

Amy’s background as a visual artist, university educator and activist powers her work in the small business world, keeping small business owners connected to their creative confidence and deepest held values while building great brands.

Andy Goodman

Andy Goodman is a painter, youth advocate, videographer, dancer, and curator. Located on Narragansett land, they use movement to engage with their Diaspora Jewish identity on colonized land. In their time as a master’s student in Public Humanities at Brown, Andy received the Brown Community Artist Grant, the Brown Executive Scholarship Award, and the Digital Scholarship Award. They have shown artwork, displayed video installations and performed dance in Seattle, WA and the Providence, RI area. They are currently working as a teaching artist, and serving as Interim Deputy Director of Central Contemporary Art.