September 28
9-9:30 AM

Virtual LIVE interview with Devin Samuels
Fee: Free
Refreshments: No
Recording Allowed: Yes

Business Over Breakfast

Small Business makes up over 95% of all RI businesses, and employs over 55% of Rhode Islanders. Business Over Breakfast speaks with RI businesses and organizations every Tuesday morning to learn, to share the important work they do, and to demonstrate how incredibly important our “main street” businesses are to build sustainable communities. Tell us how you thrive!

Lori Giuttari, CMO Visual Thrive

Lori brings over 30 years of marketing expertise and coaching skills to partner with Visual Thrive clients, discover their strategic vision and build their businesses through marketing. Lori is also a certified Master Executive Coach and uses all of her knowledge to support your company.

She has managed successful political campaigns, and regularly coaches executives to find their unique communication style with demonstrated success in the areas of planning, change, growth and communications.