September 29
12-1:30 PM

Edgwood Room, 2rd floor CiC Providence (225 Dyer)
Fee: $10
Refreshments: Yes
Recording Allowed: Yes

How to Sharpen Your Creative Edge 

Designers bring immeasurable value to the world: compelling and innovative products, unique perspectives, and often the lightheartedness and escape we most need. Their creations have the power to connect diverse groups and influence culture.

But how do you, as a creative person, stay in the flow and connect with your own genius to be highly productive and innovative, especially when you’re not always working under ideal circumstances?

You might believe that creative genius is elusive, or only for a select few, but we know it’s available at any moment and the best results come when you’re connected to it. Our approach is cutting edge, we’ll show you the source of creative genius and what gets in the way of you experiencing it.

Join us for this unique, 90-minute interactive workshop where you’ll gain a new perspective and learn the implications and applications of having direct access to creative genius. You’ll also receive a take-home guide with reminders and methods for readily leveraging creative flow.

Your Kinda Genius, based in Providence, RI, is a professional training and consulting firm for creators and innovators.

Linda Pritcher

First and foremost Linda is a creator of things – of products, businesses and big ideas. She’s designed everything from billboards to high end shoes. She’s a figure-outer and re-inventor. She likes exploring the space between the known and the unknown.

She knows the juice is really in what’s unknown. From artist origins she became a designer, product creator and business builder for others. As an entrepreneur she founded two design-based businesses. Now, as co-founder of Your Kinda Genius, she helps creators and innovators to access and leverage their innate genius.

Christine Higgins

Christine, co-founder of Your Kinda Genius, is a teacher, guide, and visionary for what’s possible. With a background in engineering and the arts, the corporate world and the not-for-profit world, she moves easily between the practical and the heartfelt.

She greatly values the connection between our critical minds and the space of innovation, and loves nothing more than teaching people how to access and move between the two gracefully — because once they learn to do this, the sky’s the limit!