September 21
5:00-8:00 PM

17 Grove Street, Apartment 2
Providence, RI 02909

ADA Accessible: No
Fee: Free! Pay what you wish. Any donation you make supports DESIGNxRI in organizing and executing DESIGN WEEK RI as well as any programs and events throughout the year.

Not in My Home

“Not in my Home” is an exhibition that invites viewers to visit a quintessential Providence home that has been furnished with the strangest and most cutting edge designs of RISD’s Furniture MFA. By juxtaposing emerging design with everyday items of the domestic sphere, this exhibition aims to interrogate the role of artistic design outside of galleries and showrooms.

The curation of this exhibition will follow the prototypical layout of a home. Using existing ideas of living room, dining room, and kitchen furniture we will explore where sculptural design fits in and what conversations begin to emerge from this experimental home. How does a chair made entirely of waste materials interact with a fast furniture table from IKEA? What does a sculptural lamp made of delicate wood veneer look like next to a refrigerator? Does cutting edge design fit in a typical home? You are cordially invited to enter our home and see for yourself.

Pablo Ejarque-González

Pablo Ejarque-González is a Spanish-born furniture designer. He studied Industrial Design at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and participated in a Design and Manufacturing Master’s exchange program between the Al-Farabi University, in Kazakhstan and his Spanish alma mater. Working as the Product Design Manager at CHS, a renowned contract design manufacturer, he created and collaborated with international clientele including Radisson and Hilton. In addition, his designs have been showcased at the national Spanish fair FITUR 2020 and 2021.

Currently, Pablo is currently completing the MFA in Furniture Design at RISD. His philosophy of design is rooted in the confluence of art and function – a testament to his dedication to creating pieces that are as aesthetically captivating as they are functional.

Piera Bochner

Piera Bochner is an artist and designer currently completing the MFA Furniture Program at RISD. Prior to RISD she received her degree in Studio Art from Oberlin College. She went on to create a successful business designing, producing, and distributing a line of sculptural objects for the home that sold in stores worldwide. Her work is focused on the reuse of discarded materials and the exaltation of the beautiful creations of nature.

Yuxuan Huang

Yuxuan Huang is a furniture and objects designer. Her background of studying conceptual and experimental art and furniture at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Rhode Island School of Design motivates her to design meaningful furniture that obeys the rules of functionality and materiality, while still expressing care for humanity, imagination, and serendipity. Usually inspired by materiality and topics about timelessness and mundanity, her work has been showcased in Wanted Design Manhattan in 2021 and 2023.

Elana Kates

Elana Kates is an artist currently completing her MFA in Furniture Design at RISD. Prior to pursuing her MFA, Elana studied printmaking, sculpture and art history at Haverford College. Her academic background strongly shapes her ongoing practice, which engages with the referentiality and eternal recurrence of design and visual culture.