September 21
5:00-7:00 PM

16 Church St.
Providence, RI 02904

ADA Accessible: No
Fee: Free! Pay what you wish. Any donation you make supports DESIGNxRI in organizing and executing DESIGN WEEK RI as well as any programs and events throughout the year.

Repair and Sustainable Design Futures

Counting 100 years since Vers Une Architecture, the manifesto of modernism by Corbusier was first published in 1923. We may have moved on from tabula rasa as a serious approach, but still favor the qualities of the new. We understand now that resources are not limitless, yet our approach to resources and energy is still shallow. The values of mechanical beauty and logic that we inherited 100 years ago still remain with us. Modern and Colonial architecture has divided the past and the present and its aesthetic values and has compelled/obligated us to contrast the past with the present. How do we reclaim aesthetic qualities from their narrow confines set by these pasts?

In this 2-hour panel discussion, Introduced and moderated by Markus Berger, Director of the Repair Atelier and Professor of Interior Architecture at RISD, we will discuss how we designers can break away from our fascination of past values on mass production, colonialism, aesthetics of the new or old, and meaningless form giving. With the multi-disciplinary panelists and audience, we like to discuss: How to unlearn the mistakes of the past. – How to repair our past in design to understand the present and design for sustainable futures? How do we ask better questions in a globalized capitalist world of constant change?